Copy of Jamabandi of village Samana, Tehsil Samana, District Patiala
on request of delivered

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Name of document with detail of year of which copy is required
Khatta Number
Name of Patti or Thulla
Name of owner with parentage, Nationality, residence etc.
Name of cultivator with parentage, Nationality & residence Khasra Number or Name of field Area of land with nature
Source of irrigation
Amount of land revenue
Measurement of Haqiat and land revenue
Remarks up to reference of mutation
Jamabandi 1966-67
Gharammi Patti
Balbir Singh son of Partap Singh son of Natha Singh
Self Occu-pation
116//6 7-8 Barani ---- ---- Possession as per khewat No.1 Revenue 1-60
1. True copy as per record.
2. Copy prepared on demand of S.Inderjit Singh, M.C.
3. Fee of copy Rs.0 P.40 received and entry made in fee register at No.131 dated 18/4/72.
4. Market value of the land is Rs.3000/- due to unlevelled.
Sd/- Patwari
(Ranjit Singh)
Patwari Circle
Sd/- Patwari
(Ranjit Singh)
Patwari Circle
Patwari Form No.10                                          Punjab Govt. Press S.A.S.Nagar /5262 4 2005 25,87,050Patwari Form No.10

Copy:- Jamabandi                  2001-02                   Village: Samana 87                       Tehsil: Samana                   District: Patiala
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Khewat No.
Khatouni No.
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Khasra/ Rectangle No
Area of field and total of khata and nature of land
Land Revenue being paid with amount and detail
Share or measurem ent
Land Revenue with detail
  Managing Committe e Public College through Secretary Public College
Possession of owner
---- Possession as per Khewat No.1
This land falls within Municipal Limits
Note: (1) True copy as per record.
(2) Entry made in fee register.