Click here for Registration - Session (2023-2024)
Instructions for Registration
1 This Registration is only for Entry-Level Courses i.e. B.A.-I, B.Com.-I, B.C.A.-I, B.B.A.-I, B.Sc.(Med./Non-Med.)-I, B.Voc.(Computer Graphic Designing, Food Processing Engineering) M.A.(Punjabi, English, History)-I, M.Sc.(Maths)-I, M.Sc.(I.T.)-I, M.Com.-I and B.Ed.
2 Registration Fee is Rs. 2000/- which will be adjusted in the first installment of Admission Fee.
3 There are total four steps of online Registration Process.
Step-1 Fill Basic Details
Step-2 Pay Registration Fee
Step-3 Update Fee Details
Step-4 Print Registration Form
4 In Step-2, at the time of online payment of Registration Fee, Student will have to fill some basic details again. These details must be same as those filled in Step-1 (Fill Basic Details). Mobile No./Registration Id must be same in both Step-1 and Step-2.
5 After successful payment of online registration fee, take print/snapshot of the transaction.
6 Student will update Reference No. (URN) of the transaction and date of transaction in Step-3 (Update Fee Details).
7 Finally, student will take print/save his Registration Form in Step-4 (Print Registration Form) and keep it for future refrence.